Scooby (2)
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Scooby a large boy said to be a great dane cross but is more of a large lurcher. Scooby was born in November 2016. He is a big boy with great enthusiasm for life.

Scooby would benefit from having some purpose in his life other than just causing mayhem. He is a boisterous boy who doesn’t believe in going round things when you can take the direct route. He has come on so well already in kennels with the routine, loves his walks and use to enjoy off lead play with his mentor Maggie.

Scooby is an intelligent boy. When Scooby is placed in a home that meets his needs the rewards will be great.

A home with lots of exercise, training and purpose will pay dividends on this lad. Scooby has lived with children but we think older would be better because of his size and enthusiasm. He has great potential to be an agility dog as he loves to please and can certainly jump. Scooby loves other dogs and he can be very well mannered if someone enthusiastic around them. Basically though he’s just a big softy

Something has gone on in Scooby’s past and he can be wary of men in particularly, especially when there is an element of surprise or he thinks they are coming towards him. However he can learn to trust quickly in the right circumstances.

If you would like to apply for Scooby please complete and return an application form.

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