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Scooby is a big boy and a lurcher cross of some type. He was born in 2016 and has spent far too much time in rescue but is he down hearted? Nope. Scooby has been with us over 1000 days and as much as we all love him we would love nothing more than to see him leave for his new home.

Scooby loves his walks and really enjoys being out and about exploring. He is good in the car and a great companion. Although he needs a firm handler, he is very keen to please and is a very loyal boy.

Due to his breed and nature he could not be rehomed with cats or small animals. He adores dogs and gets a lot out of being around them, especially non reactive walkers.

He loves his walks and can be impeccably behaved. He has spent many a happy hour frequenting the local pubs.. He has played with various larger dogs at kennels and in generally very respectful.

Scooby is an intelligent boy. When Scooby is placed in a home that meets his needs the rewards will be great. He will need company during the day and would do well in a home, perhaps with someone who has taken retirement and want to enjoy long walks. Scooby can be destructive and although this may change if he has lots of company but it should not be underestimated.

A home with lots of exercise, will pay dividends on this lad. Scooby has lived with children but we think older would be better because of his size and enthusiasm. He has great potential to do some extra curricular activities and would love to try his hand as an agility dog as he loves to please and can certainly jump. Scooby loves other dogs and he can be very well mannered if somewhat enthusiastic around them. Basically though he’s just a big softy. We often ‘use’ Scooby to play with other dogs in kennels as he is good at respectfully giving other dogs boundaries.

Something has gone on in Scooby’s past and he can be wary of men in particularly, especially when there is an element of surprise or he thinks they are coming towards him. However he can learn to trust quickly in the right circumstances and gets on well with all the males at kennels.

Scooby has had issues with emptying his anal glands during his stay with us and has needed them emptied regularly. With some trial and error of different foods Scooby is now RAW fed and has had his glands done once in around 7 months, even then they were not particularly bad.

He regularly goes out on extended walks and often meets up with ExBARK dog Arthur and other dogs large and small.

If you would like to apply for Scooby please complete and return an application form.

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