Mrs Tiggywinkle #2 – moving forward – Has a home

Mrs Tiggywinkle #2 – moving forward – Has a home

Tiggy is turning into a bit of Diva
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An appeal to find her owner has been made by Northumberland County Council, please click here for more information.

Friday 20th December 2019

We will all be haunted by the images of Tiggy but now it is time to move on. Today for the first time when she greeted me with a waggy tail after her long night sleep, went out in the garden for her business and came back in eagerly for her breakfast (well some things never change) I thought she has a good future ahead of her.

Tiggy is putting weight on daily and is filling out, she doesn’t look like she’ll break if you touch her, she doesnt need her jumpers on during the day in the house (still insists on her PJ’s at night though). she’s is jumping up when she shouldn’t and she is showing interest in playing. She’s considering going out for walks now and this weekend as long as there’s no wind and it’s not cold she’ll have her first beach walk.

Foster daddy not bonding at all!

Natures has certainly got a sense of humour, Tiggy came in to season this morning. WHY mother nature thinks any living creature having gone through what she has should have offspring so quickly is a mystery but safe to say that wont be happening. Sadly that means she wont be able to get off lead down the beach. Based on her previous outside exploits we don’t Tiggy will be that worried.

We had been asked to put a donate button on one of Tiggy’s facebook posts. We had chosen not to do this originally as Tiggy will get what she needs regardless of any donations and we didn’t want to risk her story not getting shared. The absolute priority was to get information on who did this to her. The number of requests were overwhelming so we did post her update last night together with a donate button. Tiggy has brought quite a few tears to everyone who has met her or followed her story but this morning was one of those lost for words moments when donations to BARK reached over £3,500. It is incredibly humbling just to see that amount of money. Many people apologising as they could only donate £5. £5 is really generous and we are so greatful . we couldn’t respond to everyone as the post was moving to fast but any donation from a penny up makes a difference as you can be seen when adding it all together OVER £3,000.

She does love her squidgy bed

Donations of coats, food, toys, beds the list goes on for her have been coming thick and fast and again we’ve been unable to respond to all of them yet but a huge thank you, we hope you forgive us for any delay in getting back to you. Cash donations have been coming in by other means to people paying amounts off our vet bill to other forms of cash coming in and fundraising events galore. It really has been incredibly overwhelming and we cant not thank you enough for supporting not only Tiggy but BARK

We think Tiggy is smiling?

Many people have said they will be sending Tilly a coat. She greeted with great interest, we think we might have a bit of a diva on our hands

Tiggy is turning into a bit of Diva

Saturday 21st December 2019

Tiggy has certainly made an impression on everyone. 950,969 people have seen her story on our facebook page. I can’t imagine who many have seen it on Northumberland County Council facebook page. We were bag packing today in Marks & Spencer Tweedmouth and she was a very popular topic of conversation. Every one is so pleased with her progress and so are we.

It is safe to say she is 100% housetrained. Now happily going out into the garden and even choosing to stay out to have a mooch about. She is responding to her name and eagerly running (yes running) when called.

We do have one issue which we’re not sure how to get round. She snores!

Sunday 22/12/2019

Today there were two firsts for Tiggy, she went for her 1st walk along the beach. She was very wary but started to enjoy all the different smells. She met a couple of dogs and was quite keen on a very handsome male lab and then the penny dropped with us and we moved away very quickly. She certainly has a fan base out there.

The worlds is very much a big scary place but we’re sure overtime she will grow in confidence

Unfortunately Christmas and Boxing day are going to be very busy in the foster house so arrangements have been made for Tiggy to stay with another BARK Volunteer for those two days. She’s been to visit once so this time she went on her own for a few hours. Hopefully this will help her feel more settled when she goes for the two days. If not she’ll just have to come back and join in the mayhem. She does like a bit of peace and the fire, with lots of grandchildren visit isn’t going to be on! She had another short walk along the beach and hopefully she’ll start to relax and enjoy it when she realise this is another good thing.

Apparently if we don’t get the fire put on quick she’s going to post on facebook!

Of course because we’ve been out all day the fire has not been lit. Tiggy, not to be one to be shy making her feelings clear, kept going over and looking up the chimney.

I swear she’s smiling!

Monday 23rd December 2019

We feel we had a bit of a breakthrough today.  TIggy left some of her breakfast!  She went back to it later and made sure we were reminded when all her food was due but continued throughout the day to eat maybe 2/3rd and then going back to it. 

Tiggy loving the thermal reflecting bed
Tiggy’s character is really beginning to come out

She got some amazing gifts today, fro Wool Needed for Rescue she got two lovely soft blankets and a thermal floor mat (which she insisted on sitting on immediately. and from Sheelagh a lovely pair of collars.  Sadly the snowman one is too big but the other fits perfectly

Tiggy loves being shown affection
Snoring AGAIN!
Tiggy showing off her new collar and lying on one of her two new blankets

Tuesday 24th December

Today is a big day for Tiggy’s foster family as she is going to stay at her ‘beach house’ for the next two days. Her Christmas Stocking and bits and bobs are packed up (We don’t remember travelling with that much stuff since we had young children) and she’s going away about 4. She’s been for a couple of trials (one establishing cats were not a good idea) and so we think she’ll be just fine.

All ready for Santa

She got 3 new Equifleace coats today, such a lucky girl.

Berwick’s next top model?
The colour really suits her

Wednesday 25th December

Tiggy is staying at her ‘Beach house’ and having a quiet Christmas (if you ignore the 3 other dogs she’s staying with). Presents opened, Christmas Dinner done and then just time to laze by the fire.

Tiggy just loves her fires!

Thursday 26th December

Tiggy went down to the Boxing Day Dip at Spittal today, it was very busy and she was a bit worried by so many people but it’s an experience for her. She decided not to go into the sea (no surprise there then)

Friday 27th December

Tiggy’s settled back in just fine. We’re learning more about her each day, it’s lovely to see her personality come out. She’d been up on the furniture a few times but as soon as she was ‘caught’ she was straight down. Not anymore, she barely raises her head to any “get off my chair” looks and she certainly doesn’t acknowledge them.

Well if the fire’s not on the sun will have to do!

Today when I got in from work, I didn’t get a waggy tail, I got a waggy bum! Love how much she has come on.

Saturday 28th December 2019

Northumberland County Council have put an update out on the investigation into Tiggy’s condition. Tiggy Update A quiet day snuggled up in front of the fire. At one point the coals died down and Tiggy was found lying in the fire place. She is almost beginning to enjoy her walks now as long as it isn’t too cold. Her hair is still very ‘invisible’ although it is growing back well now.


She has so much energy now and even joined in a dance today, excitedly jumping up.

Sunday 29th December 2019

Life for Tiggy is now just ‘normal’. Her weight looks good, she’s half way through her season, house training nailed, food now not the focus of her day and down to four meals a day. Her skin is doing ok and the itching has reduced dramatically. The New Year is going to be good for her. Although we’re sure it will consist mainly of sleeping


Interestingly today, while watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (it’s Christmas it had to be done) she heard the baby crying and was really interested tilting her head from one side to the other

Definitely Tiggy’s preferred position

We’ve just been tagged in a post, Tiggy has made it into the top ten of animal cruelty cases in the region. Article here, feel very sad

Monday 30th December 2019 Weight 18.6 kilos

So there is a thief in our midst! It is fair to say that the generosity towards Tiggy has been humbling, overwhelming and above all incredible generous. But sometimes if a girl needs it a girl needs it. Tiggy broke into the back bedroom, while we were out at the Maltings Panto (Aladdin and brilliant by the way) the one where the remaining presents were for the family that weren’t with us this Christmas, including one dog and one cat, carefully going through each one, discarding dog and cat treats and other presents (which we wont name in case Cleo and Margo are reading this} along the way. She came across this toy, meant for Cleo. We’re sure Cleo wont mind.

We keep going on about the change in Tiggy, something new everyday. When Tiggy first came home she wouldn’t go outside, overtime she ventured into the garden and put up with a walk, as long as the weather was fine. Today she just enjoyed her walk, weather and all.

Just a dog having a shake. Well it would be if it wasnt for the fact that when Tiggy arrived if she even attempted to shake she had to be held up as she was so weak she fell over. So no not just a dog having a shake but a strong, healthy Tiggy shaking on her own with no support.

Tuesday 31st December 2019

Tiggy was “rescued” 4 weeks ago today. Since then she has responded to just being looked after. She’s put on 17 pounds, grown some hair, grown in confidence. When she first came in we kind of hoped she was ill and that explained her condition. It quickly became evident that she wasn’t and this was straight forward cruelty. Northumberland County Council are continuing with their investigations and we can only hope there is a good outcome.

From 12 meals a day to 3 meals a day from today, it is hard to believe it’s just 28 days since those awful photos. She’s become quite the cheeky one. We have a chair, with two buttons on the side to put the chair up and down. She has worked out if she pushes herself against the side of the chair she can get the chair to move and always just before dinner time or when she wants out, and always with a smile on her face.

She is practically perfect but still continues to snore!

And this is one of her less energetic dreams

Today she had a good run off lead at the kennels. So greatful to every one who made this possible.

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Tiggy popped in to the BARK shop this week to say thank you to everyone there. The time and dedication of the staff and volunteers at the shop is not given enough credit. Everyone wants to be involved in the animals but without their input we would not have sufficient funds to run the kennels the way we do.

TIggy check out some of the stock

She also enjoyed watching her fosterers eat a scone

Proud moment, so much hair you can see a distinctive white stripe!

Friday 3rd January 2020 – Sometimes no words are needed

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