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Cody was born in July 2021 and is very much what you would expect form a spaniel. He appears very attentive, has some good basics and loves to play.

Cody has some sporadic issues in his home and had bitten when given a treat. It was not an accident and had happened a couple of times. The owners could not pin point what trigger the attacks. We do not use food treat with Cody’s at kennels and are very respectful around his food. He has been with us a little while and there was one incident, this appeared to be appeared to be being protective of his kennel. These incidents are serious enough to consider whether it is responsible to place Cody in a home. We feel a home environment is likely to not suit him and he may be best suited as a kennel dog.

For obvious reasons we will not rehome Cody with children under 12 and if there are older children in the home they will need to be clear on the possible risks.

We feel Cody would just love to have a role, with the correct training and both physical and mental stimulation he is going to be a dog to be very proud of.

This is a very difficult one and we are tore as to what is best. Cody is great with other dogs.

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