Update on Lily

Update on Lily

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We are all truly devastated about what the legislation means for perceived XL Bully types in rescue kennels.

We have added a page to our website for ways in which you can support Lily and BARK generally. Please follow this link. We can not express how much your kind words have meant to us.

The last piece of legislation has now been published and this allows for rescues to apply to exempt a perceived XL Bully from 31st December until 14th January.  After careful thought BARK has decided we are able to, at least try, to offer Lily a permanent place with us.  This is not ideal but we have had lots of calls were perceived XL Bullies have been placed, by other rescues, in homes and the placement has broken down.  These dogs now are unlikely to have a happy ending.  We do not want the chance of this happening to Lily, so after a year of trying to rehome her it does not seam sensible to now try to place her last minute, with no time to make introductions and with no option for her to return to us.

B.A.R.K. will be applying on the 31st December to exempt Lily.

We have already a written plan for enrichment of all our dogs in kennels but Lilly will now have a super enhanced version.  She will effectively become a BARK Rescue Pet.  

There is a judicial review the week commencing 15th January of the legislation in place, the speed of placement etc.  If that review allows the restart of rehoming perceived XL Bullies we will then review the situation for Lily. 

It allows for rescues to apply for exemption. As a rescue, we have two weeks from the 31st December to apply. We have been looking at it over the last couple of days, some things are rather vague but we hope this will be an option for Lily. We have had offers of support for Lily and we have set up a JustGiving Page that will support Lily and the other animals in our care


It is not what we wanted for Lily. It will mean big changes in the way we do things over the next few months. We will of course continue to monitor what is best for Lily, her safety, security and physical and mental health has always been and will continue to be our priority.

Until we have the actual exemption paper and everything else is in place none of us will sleep easy.

In an ideal world, we would have found Lily her forever home. So many perceived XL Bullies have been rehomed in recent weeks and sadly we have had so many calls where the placement has broken down and there is no back up in place. Under current rules these dogs are now unlikely to have anything like a happy ending. One of the rules of a rescue registering a perceived XL Bully is they must have been in rescue since the 31st October. Our heart breaks for all those souls.

We will be applying for an exemption for Lily, Our Lily’s future will now be with BARK and it is our responsibility to make that the best it can be.

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