Ginger and Cottontail

Ginger and Cottontail

Ginger and Cottontail
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Ginger and Cottontail were born in late January 2021. They appear to be a very sweet pair. The are a bonded pair, both neutered.

Unfortunately recently their accommodation was damaged and they have been living in exposed conditions in a garden. The need a little bit of tlc but will be ready to go to their new home when they are recovered, which we hope will be within the next week. Cottontail and Ginger have now been in nearly 2 weeks and their health has improved almost completely, we would be happy for them to go off to their new home after a last vet check on Wednesday 23/4.

They are a bit overweight but with the correct diet this will soon be rectified.

A hutch is not enough for any rabbit. Please check out for ideas. We will not consider rehoming to a house that does not meet the minimum size requirements or where our rabbits will not be as part of a pair, as a minimum.

If you are interested in offer a new home please complete an application form below.

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Ginger and Cottontail

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