(Side Show) Bob

(Side Show) Bob

Side show Bob (5)
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Bob came in in poor condition with so many fleas and worms and quite underweight. He has done great since coming in, he has put on weight, received the treatment he needed, been neutered and had a few dodgy haircuts.

He is a bundle of energy and a happy boy. He is said to be Springer cross Bedlington Terrier and is on the medium size. A bright energetic boy who will need lots of exercise both physically and mentally.

Bob will benefit from going to training classes for at an initial 6 weeks. We have been advised by his previous owners that he should not be rehomed with children under 10 but gave not explanation. We are now aware that Bob has issues living in a house. It may be with training this can be worked on. Bob was recently rehomed, briefly, and despite being amazing when out and about unfortunately when he went into the house something caused him to turn and he bit, on several occasions within a few minutes of one another. One of these included a puncture wound. At the moment it is difficult to know what to do for Bob for the best. It is a big ask but a home where he would live in an outside kennel where he and his owners can be safe, but plenty of time for lots of exercise and mental and physical stimulation.

If you are interested in offer a new home please complete an application form below.

What happens next? – Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels (b-a-r-k.co.uk)


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