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Flo came from outside the area via a vets after she came in as a stray with a broken leg. She remained unclaimed and BARK agreed to take on her care. What a little monkey she is! There is no way she was having any type of cast on so we have been keeping her as calm as possible and crossing our fingers. A check up early June showed everything going ok so another 3 weeks cage rest and she’ll be ready to hit the world, and we would suggest at supersonic speed.

She is a sweet girl, with a lethal tail, a whippet/lurcher type perhaps, who loves everyone and appears fine around other dogs. She is still very much a baby and as we have no history it will be a complete back to basics in all areas of her training. She is very energetic and it must have been a real struggle these last few weeks for her. She’s kept her spirits up all the way.

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