Tickles and Buttons (1)

Tickles & Button

Tickles and Button are two female mice looking for a new home together. They are a sweet pair who love reorganising their cage. They love their wheel and although tricky to pick up are happy to be handled.

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Lilly & Thumper

Lilly & Thumper are a bonded pair of 3 year old rabbits. They are medium in sized and super fluffy. They have previously been living in unsuitable accommodation and as such had become rather grumpy. So far, however, they appear to be in better mood while enjoy a bit of extra space and stretching their…


30/6/22 – Buddy – We are not currently taking any more enquires

Buddy is around 5 years old. He had serious issues with other dogs within the home and also a toddler. This may have been down to possessive aggression We’ve found him to be a sweet boy who loves his walks and is not causing too many issues are other dogs. He has an overshot jaw…


Moby needs your help

Moby is just a youngster having been born in October 2020. He has had a very sheltered start and not got out for many walks. On the plus side Moby is currently coping very well. He is loving get out and about and exercised, he loves to play ball and enjoys all toys. The recovery…



Penny was born in June last year and is a Wheaten terrier cross Minature Poodle. She is a sweet and very energetic girl Penny has attacked, badly, another dog in her home. This may have been due to her hormones but the situation has escalated and sadly the best thing for Penny is to have…

Pepsie and Rio (4)

Pepsi and Rio

Pepsi a Chihuahua cross and Rio a Chihuahua are both around 11 years old. Sadly they have come in due to their owner’s illness. They are both very pampered little dogs. Rio is the more confident to start but Pepsi is not far behind. They have never been around other dogs or been out much…

Zeph (5)


Zephyr is around 8 years old and a really sweet boy.  He is full of energy, typical of this breed.  He is a gentle soul who loves to be groomed and will even fall asleep while he is being pampered.  This is good because he is a very hairy boy and will need a regular…



Guvnor came in as a stray clearly very poorly. We know he had been in a particular area for at least 4 years. Test showed (like Tallulah) he has thyroid problems. We have now got his condition stabilised on medication and he doesn’t mind taking it twice a day. His coat has improved and he…

Daisy and Alfie

Daisy and Alfie

Daisy and Alfie are a lovely pair of bunnies, both neutered and well bonded. Daisy is 1 and half and Alfie 2. Both are friendly and accept being handled All our rabbits are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated with Myxi, VHD1 and VHD2 A hutch is not enough for any rabbit. The minimum uninterrupted floor space…