Tea seems a very sweet girl. She is coming up to 2 1/2 years old. She has been living with children and her old owners have said she would love a family. Tea has been an outside rabbit but we are sure she would take to a house. She has now been neutered and will…


Dawn & Misty

Dawn, Misty were born at the end of January and are looking for a new home together. They are great characters and love to explore and enjoy a forage box. If you are interested in offering a new home please complete an application form below. What happens next? – Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels (b-a-r-k.co.uk)

Ginger and Cottontail

Ginger and Cottontail

Ginger and Cottontail were born in late January 2021. They are a bonded pair, both neutered. Unfortunately recently their accommodation was damaged and they have been living in exposed conditions in a garden. The needed a little bit of tlc but are now ready to go to their new home. they are the loveliest pair…


Bobby and Dominic are off to their new home

Bobby and Dominic are 9 and 12 years old and are in through no fault of their own and are looking for a new home together. and are in through no fault of their own and are looking for a new home together. They are a very sweet pair and always ready for a chat…

Side show Bob (5)

(Side Show) Bob

Bob came in in poor condition with so many fleas and worms and quite underweight. He has done great since coming in, he has put on weight, received the treatment he needed, been neutered and had a few dodgy haircuts. He is a bundle of energy and a happy boy. He is said to be…



Kassuku is an African Grey and was born around 2002. He is a great character, very chatty but also very noisy. He loves his showers, and although he has always lived with a woman we have found he prefers the company of men. Overtime it appears that Kassuku would prefer a bit of one to…

GIzzy (3)


Gizzy was born around June 2016, other than that we sadly we don’t have much history on Gizzy We have found he’s a friendly boy.  He does take a while to trust but once he does he just loves his cuddles and a chat. He needs a home with lots of love and cuddles. If…


Update on Lily

We are all truly devastated about what the legislation means for perceived XL Bully types in rescue kennels. We have added a page to our website for ways in which you can support Lily and BARK generally. Please follow this link. We can not express how much your kind words have meant to us. The…



Skye is around 1 and a half and daughter to Daisy #2. She is a bit of a grumpy soul at the moment but has recently be neutered so hopefully she’ll start to mellow as her hormones wear off. She will be ready to bond around the end of October. A hutch is not enough…