17 April, 2021


Kasper & Luna


Vet visit day

We are lucky to have our vets, Galedin, so close.  It’s vet visit today.  Nothing particularly exciting.  14 vaccinations and check ups plus we’re a bit concerned about one of our rabbits so a check over by the vet will hopefully sort that out.  Fortunately today is not the day for all the kittens to…


BARK becomes Associate of ADCH

B.A.R.K. works closely with rescue near and far.  The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats.  It’s members are dedicated to dog rescue and cat rescue and BARK is proud to be a member of the ADCH.

Chillie. . . . Chilling

BARK News 11th August 2016

Even though we haven’t chosen the name for the dogs in the kennels at the moment there is a bit of a theme, we have Billy, Chillie and Milly and Charlie, Marley and Charlie.  It can be a bit of a tongue twister, especial as the ‘groups’ tend to be out on their walks together. …