Finlay, Bolt and Theo

Finlay, Bolt and Theo

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These boys were born in kennels on July 18th and looking for separate new homes to call their own. They are all sweet boys. Having just been separated from their mum they will be separated from each other shortly to avoid any fights caused by hormones. They will be ready to neuter around the end of October and then could start to be bonded 8 weeks after that

We would rehome two of these boys together on the understanding that they would be kept separate until 8 weeks post neuter. A Bond being successful, while likely, cannot be guaranteed so a bond failing would need to be taken into consideration and a plan of what would happen put in place, i.e. bringing one back and getting another rabbit or getting two more single rabbits to bond with them.

A hutch is not enough for any rabbit and the minimum space needed will be 6 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot uninterrupted floor space(though a shed is ideal if outside) and access to a good sized run ( 8 x 4 foot is a good start) at all times. Please check out for ideas. We will not consider rehoming to a house that does not meet the minimum size requirements or where our rabbits will not be as part of a pair, as a minimum.

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