Rosie (2)
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Rosie was born around March 2013. She generally is a sweet girl with people and think she’s a lap dog but you do have to watch her body language when she’s had enough.

She has a few pet hates vacuum cleaners, irons, dogs and cats. While it may sound appealing to not be able to do any vacuuming or ironing, realistically it does come with its issues. She doesn’t like to be left on her own so putting her in another room is unlikely to work. This is something that could be worked on but it will take time and patience. Dogs are a big issue for her. She has been attacked herself on several occasions so this is likely to affect her attitude towards dogs. Cast are also an issue for her and if a cat (or dog) goes past she will be very vocal on the matter and also may snap if reprimanded but taking her by the collar.

Although that does pain a rather black picture of this little girl she is very loving and loves her ball which she will happily carry almost everywhere with her.

If you feel you have the right home for Rosie, please do complete and return an application form.

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