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As of April 21st 2024 Rosie has been in kennels for 900 days. An obscene amount of time for a girl with a couple issues.

Rosie was born in March 2013. She is a wonderful girl who is full of energy and life. Rosie enjoys going out on long walks and is the most fantastic walking/running companion. She loves her long walks and a new home would need to be an active one. Rosie aims to please, always, and is very trainable. We feel strongly that Rosie is a far cry from the dog that originally came into us. We have never had reason to believe Rosie may bite us and she has never snapped. One of the staff has had her young children around Rosie and while we may not believe it to be in her best interests to go with Children, we trust her to be around our own. Kennels are a very different place to a home so of course caution should still be used initially.

Rosie has a strong dislike to dogs, probably stemming from having been attacked a few times previously. Initially this was a big problem. If we saw a dog out on a walk we would have trouble controlling her. She is very trainable and as such we are now at the point we can walk past dogs at a safe distance, and she barely blinks an eye. We would never trust her in close proximity to dogs and she could never be off lead in a public place. We would not consider rehoming Rosie with any other animals and dogs next door would not be possible for her.

Rosie has some issues in the house with mops etc. but again we have been working with her and with the use of treats she has come very far. Likely she would need to be removed from any room where cleaning was ongoing, this would take some time to get into but we believe she would get there. She also has a liking to vehicles and tends to pull towards them however with the use of treats she completely ignores them. Continuing on her training will be essential so she does not go backwards.

Some of the things the staff love about her are: Her resilience. her cuddles. Her enthusiasm. Her zest for life. She is grateful, that sweet face when you take her for a walk. Her general love of life and how she embraces everything that is given to her. The way she looks at you when you talk to her. She is just wonderful. These are but a few of the wonderful things about Rosie.

Rosie doesn’t deserve to have been in kennels for such a long time.

The most attentive girl.

She has been working really hard and has improved but this training will need to be continued and very consistent. Rosie just loves walks away from everything and she can walk a very long way despite her age.

A terrier dog standing on a deck overlooking St Abbs bay

Cats are also an issue for her and if a cat (or dog) goes past she will be very vocal on the matter and had previously snapped at her owner if reprimanded by taking her by the collar. We have not seen this side of her and we have a firm but fair approach with her, diversion tactics where needed and as we may have mentioned she loves being away from it all.

Rosie loves her toys, the nosier the better

Although that does paint a rather black picture of this little girl she is very loving and loves her ball which she will happily carry almost everywhere with her. She enjoys her walks and really comes into her own on a one to one basis and so happy with herself. She is great in the car. Her face is always happy no matter what life throws at her. More recently Rosie has developed some gastric issues. These have been investigated thoroughly and with medication have improved. She is now on just one type of medication, we had tried t take her off but it was unsuccessful so she is now likely to be on this for life. If necessary BARK will continue to assist with some of these ongoing costs.

We all adore Rosie, she just needs a special someone to give her a chance.

If you feel you have the right home for Rosie, please do complete and return an application form. For the right home that is prepare to make the extra extra effort she needs we may be able to extend our rehoming area.

If you are interested in offering a new home please complete an application form below.

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