Daisy and Kingsley

Daisy and Kingsley

Daisy and Kingsley
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Daisy, born early 2017 and Kingsley, born late 2018. Came in in poor condition and are subject of an welfare investigation by Northumberland County Council. It’s taken them a while to recover and have various operations they needed.

They have both had cherry eye operations. Kingsley has had issues with his ears which have largely resolved, and he has now been neutered. He has now sadly had to have an operation to remove one of his eyes but he is recovering well. We are also taking advice on a BOAS operation for him. Daisy has skin issues which may well continue for life. Sadly she also has a lump which is cancerous. Due to its position and nature the vet has advised it would be unwise to operate. This lump will limit her life, however we don’t know if that will be short or long. At this moment she is very full of life and living it too the full.

We are looking for a home for this lovely pair together. Although a bit ‘hen’ pecked they dote on each other and look for each other and sleep together.

They are great with other dogs, really enjoy their walks, playing ball and eating (although they need to eat separately so they both get a fair share)

If you are interested in offer a new home please complete an application form below.

What happens next? – Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels (b-a-r-k.co.uk)