Junior (9)
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Update 02/05/2024 – We really need your help.

We have been concerned about our beautiful 12 year old Junior for a little while after an illness that he never fully bounced back from. But a recent wheeze prompted another vet visit yesterday, and he was in for an x-ray to investigate today. The results(better than we had feared) are that he has an enlarged heart. He has been started on medication, which could buy him an extra year on top of what he would be expected to live. We really need your help to find Junior a home asap so he does not have to live out his life in kennels. He has been with us over a year already. Junior has changed a lot in that year, he is on medication to help calm him which works wonders, and he is a different dog now to the one who arrived. Junior is great with people and loves a toy. A typical staff who is full of love and life. If you read his write up and are genuinely willing to take him but don’t meet some of the criteria we have written out for him (rehoming with other dogs would not be right) then please call the kennels on 01289 306299 for a chat. He is OK with dogs when out on walks, but given his history, we would not feel comfortable rehoming him with dogs or letting him off in public. If we are honest we had a really bad feeling going into today, we all said our goodbyes to Junior over the last 24 hours, went for a lovely extended walk yesterday and a ‘last’ trip you the shop for a new toy. We feel like we have been given another chance to get him into that retirement home where he so belongs. Ideally, Junior would stay close to a Galedin vet so we can help support his veterinary costs, but if you have what he needs and are not local, then please get in touch. Junior deserves to find his people, could it be you?

Junior was signed over to BARK in March 2023 after being taken to the vets to be put to sleep. He had had some issues with neighboring dogs.

Full of life, smiles and cuddles. Having got to know Junior and the various little “issues” he has we feel the ideal home would be one where he had a very large secure garden where he could play, happily and safety off lead. He is now walking happily out on his walk, although new people he does check out what their rules are. Continued positive reinforcement Junior is really reaping rewards.

Always loves his toys

He is now enjoying regular walks outside, he loves his walks and these will be an important part of his life. He now goes on walks with other dogs and has actually become one of the dogs we choose to take with the more dog reactive dogs, as he just doesn’t care, so they get a very positive experience from walking with him. He loves a ball and will run round for hours, enjoying himself. Junior is happy with human companionship and needs a home where he will not have visiting dogs and ideally no neighboring dogs.

As time has gone on Junior has ignored other dogs, we can walk him past other dogs in kennels and walk dogs past him.

A home where there are not dogs the other side of a fence, although a good solid wall would work well. Due to his history he can not be rehomed with other dogs. Junior is currently on medication to enable him to concentrate on the good things in left, this has worked extremely well and we have found a very comfortable level for him to have an extremely joyful life. If necessary BARK will help with this cost.

Junior is very much a golden oldie having just turned 12 years old but he doesn’t believe in labels and lives up to his name.

If you feel you have the right home for Junior please complete and return an application form.

Due to the type of home we are looking for we will consider extending our rehoming area but please be realistic on what this area might be.


If you are interested in offering a new home please complete an application form below.

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