Junior (9)
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Junior was signed over to BARK after being taken to the vets to be put to sleep. He had had some issues with neighbouring dogs.

Full of life, smiles and cuddles. Having got to know Junior and the various little “issues” he has we feel the ideal home would be one where he had a very large secure garden where he could play, happily and safety off lead. He is now walking happily out on his walk, although new people he does check out what their rules are. Continued positive reinforcement Junior is really reaping rewards. He is now enjoying regular walks outside, although we are taking it slowly and making all his experience positive ones. He now goes on walks with other dogs and while it may not be safe to trust him, with supervision he is easily walked out and about. He loves a ball and will run round for hours, enjoying himself. Junior is happy with human companionship and needs a home where he will not have visiting dogs and ideally no neighbouring dogs.

As time has gone on Junior has ignored other dogs as long as they don’t bark or are over excited and keep a very respectful distance. He is able to be walked past dogs in kennels (once he has had the excitement of his morning walk.

A home where there are not dogs the other side of a fence, although a good solid wall would work well. Due to his history he can not be rehomed with other dogs. Junior is currently on medication to enable him to be able to focus on the important things in life and this has enabled him to learn that there is a lot of good in the world. It may be we start reducing this but as he is doing so well now it may be necessary to keep him on medication for the rest of his life. If necessary BARK will help with this cost.

Junior is very much a golden oldie but he doesn’t believe in labels and lives up to his name.

If you feel you have the right home for Junior please complete and return an application form.

Due to the type of home we are looking for we will consider extending our rehoming area but please be realistic on what this area might be.


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